Most schools in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire encourage pupils to learn about ethical choices in everyday life, such as the buying of Fairtrade products. Should they make such learning more relevant by also facilitating the buying of Fairtrade cotton school uniforms? Such is the view of members of Mid- Formartine Fairtrade group who are organising a visit by a Fairtrade clothing company to the North-East during Fairtrade Fortnight.

Koolskools Fairtrade Project will be visiting several schools in Scotland during the fortnight and will kick off their visit to Aberdeenshire with a presentation at Meldrum Academy on Thursday, 28th February between 4p.m and 5p.m. Interested teachers, parents or pupils from any schools in the area are welcome to come along to learn about the benefits of Fairtrade cotton.

The following day, Andrew Ashcroft of Koolskools will adapt his presentation for the pupils of 2 other schools in the area-Old Rayne primary in the morning and Albyn school in Aberdeen in the afternoon.

The purchase of products made with Fairtrade Certified Cotton ensures small-scale cotton farmers in developing countries receive both a fair price and the additional Fairtrade premium for social, economic and environmental projects.

Speaking to a group of students at a Fairtrade school recently, Andy said: “…….having served and managed development projects in several developing countries – including Zimbabwe and Haiti – I am aware of the amazingly positive effect that small amounts of hard currency can have, especially when communities are actively engaged, as they are in Fairtrade commodity producing co-operatives……”

Anne Aspden of the Mid-Formartine Fairtrade group commented “It is encouraging that a number of specialist Fairtrade companies now offer a range of Fairtrade school garments, and that several mainstream companies also supply Fairtrade uniforms. We are not promoting any one company but are keen to let parents, teachers and pupils know about the new availability of Fairtrade uniforms . We are also very grateful to Koolskools for offering to present the educational aspects of the Fairtrade story.”

presentation at Meldrum Academy

on Thursday, 28th February

Between 4p.m and 5p.m.


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  1. Miguel
    Jul 29, 2013 @ 14:00:40

    It is really nice that you bring the children ant their parents the opportunity to know about Fairtrade. I am sure that when they know the situation of trade in the world they will buy more products like yours….


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