Big Wine brand goes big on Fairtrade.

IMG-20141013-00044Just as when a major chocolate biscuit bar like Kit-Kat went Fairtrade so Fairtrade arrives in the mainstream wine business.  It caused a stir in the confectionary industry when Kit Kat used fairtrade chocolate.  But we noticed that one of the UK’s biggest imported wine brands, ARNISTON BAY from South Africa has gone Fairtrade for its Coast Range.

This means Fairtrade is making significant impacts on wine companies.  They want sales from ethical consumers – so even their big names get the Fairtrade certification.

Excellent news.  So where can you get these wines (and they are delicious, I can assure you)?

Yes, you have guessed it.  The Co-op continues to lead the way in being ethical amongst the mainstream retail shops.  Get these in the Balmedie Co-op on Rowan Drive.


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