ntslogo Great news! From this month, all tea served at National Trust properties will now be Fairtrade.

All 200 of their sites will be serving Clipper’s Fairtrade and organic teas to an incredible 22 million people who visit annually. That’s a lot of tea!

But it’s not just brilliant news for tea farmers and workers. It’s a tea-rrific result for all the supporters who’ve been asking for Fairtrade tea at National Trust properties over the years.

Your next Clipper cuppa might come from Burnside Tea Estate in Tamil Nadu, India, where Fairtrade is already making a difference.

Take tea plucker Mrs M Kalamani, pictured abo

ve centre, for example. Through the Fairtrade Premium, she has been able to support her son to study for a diploma in computer engineering.


Mrs Kalamani says that while she earns enough to support h

er family, sending her son to college would have meant getting into debt. ‘Fairtrade helped me give my children their education without this pressure.’

So when you’re on your next National Trust visit, you’ll know you’re making a difference to tea farmers and workers with every cup.

Thank you National Trust!


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