Talking Tea. ‘From farm to fly cup.’ Weds 19th July.

The next ‘Fly Cups and Fancy Pieces’ event will be held at Turriff Museum/Heritage Centre at 1.30pm on Weds 19th July.

We will be talking tea, sustainability and exploring how Brexit potentially affects Fair Trade. In the light of Sainsbury’s decision to drop the Fairtrade label from its products, and Waitrose’s decision to do the opposite we will look at what we, the consumer can do to make sure that we don’t taste exploitation in our cuppa!

This is a workshop NOT a drop-in. You turn up at 1.30pm and stay till 3pm – during which time we’ll have chat, reading and share some fairtrade tea, coffee and fine pieces. (Feel free to bring your own fairtrade contribution!)

For more information in advance please go to:


Our first project is a result of an innovation grant from the Scottish Fair Trade Forum. Our views, of course, are entirely our own and not necessarily endorsed by SFTF. You’re welcome to attend…

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