Day of action: Saturday 28th October Fair Trade Forum October 2017

On Saturday 28th October, a coalition led by CAFOD are organising a day of action towards Sainsbury’s on the ‘Don’t Ditch Fairtrade’ Campaign. You can get involved in the day of action by handing in a letter to your local Sainsbury’s shop, taking a selfie and posting it on social media. There are more details about how to get involved and resources available here.

The day of action is important as Sainsbury’s decision to move away from the use of the Fairtrade Mark on their own label tea undermines the principle of producer empowerment. One of the principles of Fair Trade is that producers are empowered through capacity building and we do not believe that this is the case in the Sainsbury’s Foundation model as it appears that the equivalent of Fairtrade Premiums will be taken out of the control of the farmers and the producers and decisions will be made by a Board in the UK.

The Forum’s key concern is not that Sainsbury’s are no longer going to use a particular certification for some products but that it is labelling the products ‘Fairly Traded’ when it does not seem to meet all the principles of Fair Trade. This can only lead to consumer confusion and lack of clarity and transparency. Key to Fair Trade is the empowerment of farmers and workers. In the case of this Sainsbury’s initiative, the representatives of the farmers and workers do not support the initiative.

If you want to join the campaign and take action against Sainsbury’s then click here for more information and resources.

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