A letter to the press and Journal from Formartine Fairtrade Group

The Black Lives Matter campaign highlights issues and brings shame on our country both currently and historically. However, sometimes it is easier to protest and complain and harder to change our lifestyle to make a difference. To support the BLM movement while drinking a cup of coffee that has been grown by black people,- trapped in poverty by our constant cry to have our food cheaper and cheaper at the least makes no sense, and at worst is hypocrisy.

As a Fairtrade group we campaign and promote trade justice. Fairtrade coffee guarantees a fair price for the producer, a level playing field, and honours the producer with justice.

Lets not just protest and shout, but change our focus. Not the cheapest—but the most just. Not the easiest—but the fairest.
Then we can proudly say, that our actions and shopping habits reflect that black lives matter, and justice will bring peace. .

Mid-Formartine Fairtrade Group.

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