Fairtrade School Uniforms – Our Aberdeenshire Campaign.


The Formartine Fairtrade group have been gathering support for an Aberdeenshire wide campaign to persuade schools to review their school uniforms to include FAIRTRADE COTTON and clothing as part of their FAIRTRADE school.

The Campaign Aims proposed are:

  • To raise awareness of the injustices surrounding cotton production
  • To help schools switch to Fairtrade cotton schoolwear
  • To encourage shops and suppliers to stock Fairtrade cotton schoolwear

You can Get involved

If you want to find out more or get involved, please feel free to contact us on

Here is what we already know:

Some of the largest retailers of school uniforms on the High Street don’t sell ANY Fairtrade Cotton uniforms. School Uniforms may be sold at a cheap price to Mums and Dads, but it means that people who grew the cotton or sewed the clothes are paying the real price, because they are not being paid a decent wage on which to survive.

Download FairtradeCottonUniforms the Scottish Fairtrade Forum information sheet on ‘Wear Fair’ the national campaign on school Uniforms.

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