Members of Mid-Formartine fairtrade group with sample bags encouraging local businesses to try Fairtrade goods.

Fairtrade ensures farmers and workers in developing countries get a fair deal. Trading fairly fights poverty at its roots and gives farmers the dignity of fair prices for their produce.

Fairtrade status means that the council has passed the resolution to support fair trade. The papers have covered the story of our campaign and there is a steering group busy raising the profile of fair trade in our area.

Fairtrade status means that we also have the support of quite a few shops, schools, churches, restaurants and businesses. Not everyone is yet on board but we have enough to meet the requirements for our size of area.

Fairtrade food and crafts can be purchased at any time from Bonnyton Farm, Pitmedden 01651 842329


This issue comes up a lot.  Some who sell products for the large companies like Kenco and Nestle have said ‘its fairtrade really’ or have said it ‘better because its more sustainable’  We thought it would be helpful to make available this oldish but still highly relevant article from the Guardian.  Please download it here and have a read.  It compares them well.  The changes since 2004 in Fairtrade have substantially improved the environmental audit of Fairtrade.

Fairtrade Article – The Guardian

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