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The Black Lives Matter campaign highlights issues and brings shame on our country both currently and historically. However, sometimes it is easier to protest and complain and harder to change our lifestyle to make a difference. To support the BLM movement while drinking a cup of coffee that has been grown by black people,- trapped in poverty by our constant cry to have our food cheaper and cheaper at the least makes no sense, and at worst is hypocrisy.

As a Fairtrade group we campaign and promote trade justice. Fairtrade coffee guarantees a fair price for the producer, a level playing field, and honours the producer with justice.

Lets not just protest and shout, but change our focus. Not the cheapest—but the most just. Not the easiest—but the fairest.
Then we can proudly say, that our actions and shopping habits reflect that black lives matter, and justice will bring peace. .

Mid-Formartine Fairtrade Group.


25 years ago the FAIRTRADE Mark appeared on UK shelves, making ethical shopping that bit easier. Now we want to go further. Live Fair is here to make ethical living easier too.

Join Live Fair now, and get a regular Live Fair box, featuring Fairtrade treats like tea and coffee, tips on ethical living, updates on how your support makes a difference and ethical recipes.

What is Live Fair?

You give £8 a month to Fairtrade and help support hardworking farmers.

You can choose to get regular Live Fair email updates, with all the latest on living a fair and sustainable life. The every three months, you get a new Live Fair box in the post.

Wondering what your £8 a month will do?

In a word, loads!

This year, you’ll be supporting a programme called Growing Women in Coffee.

Female coffee farmers in Kenya get a bitter deal. They often aren’t allowed to own property. So they work all day on their husbands’ bushes, but with little to show for it.

This programme is changing the norm. It’s seeing husbands gifting coffee bushes to their wives. And then with training and support from Fairtrade, women can grow their own delicious coffee, earn their own income, and take control of their own lives.

Not a bitter note in sight!

But what’s in the box?

In a word: fairness. You’ll love it.

In more words:

  • Treats from great Fairtrade tea and coffee brands like Percol, Cafédirect and Clipper.
  • Tasty recipes using Fairtrade products.
  • Fun products to help you live fairer.
  • Top tips on easy ways to be more ethical in your everyday life.
  • News from the inspiring farmers that you’ll be helping.

But why now?

In the next 25 years, Fairtrade will help farmers adapt to devastating climate change. And continue to back their fight against exploitation.

Your support will mean we can stand with more farmers and workers facing these challenges across the world.

Fairtrade Foundation, 5.7 The Loom, 14 Gower’s Walk, London, E1 8PY

We are a registered charity in England and Wales (no 1043886) and a company limited by guarantee registered in England (no 2733136).

25 years Young for Fairtrade


STARTS SOON. The annual Fairtrade Sale at Bonnyton, Pitmedden. A huge selection of ethical gifts and essentials. Delicious foods and ingredients for every occasion, cards, crafts, gifts and clothing. A wonderful shopping experience.

From Wednesday to Sunday. You will get a warm welcome.

Come and shop for your gifts in the knowledge that all goods are ethically produced and environmentally friendly, benefiting farmers and makers with fair prices.

Volunteer Opportunity in Fairtrade Investment

From the Aberdeenshire Fairtrade Steering group,

We have received the below from the Scottish Fair Trade Foundation – can you help?

‘Sally Seddon from the fair trade investment cooperative, Shared Interest, got in touch to ask for some help in advertising a volunteer opportunity. Shared Interest is looking for volunteers in the Aberdeen area to take on the role of Local Supporter. There is some more information here: https://www.shared-interest.com/gb/vacancies

You can contact Sally if you require more information: sally.seddon’


We are excited to announce that we are launching a new programme, as part of the Year of Young People 2018, to encourage youth-led Fair Trade campaigns in Scotland.

Participation is open to young people aged between 16 and 25 years old. Members will be required to attend meetings and create/assist with the running of campaigns. To help with this the Forum will provide free tea and coffee as well as covering travel and lunch expences. Full details of the Network’s roles are available in the Guidelines.

The programme aims to give young people opportunities to get involved in the Forum’s activities and connect to the wider Fair Trade network in Scotland. The Network provides a fantastic opportunity for young people to build and develop useful skills that will aid them in later life.

We are looking for volunteers that are creative and sociable people to work together in designing and producing ways of championing Fair Trade across the country as part of the global movement.

Those interested in joining the Network should complete this short admin by midnight on Thursday 30 August.*

*Due to the holiday period, the deadline has been extended from 16 July to 30 August 2018*

Application Documents

Application Form


Fairtrade vegan products you may not know about

One question that regularly pops up in the Fairtrade inbox is ‘are there any products that are both Fairtrade and vegan?’ Well, wonder no more!

The answer is yes – and it’s more than just bananas! This week on the blog we asked our colleague Amy, who works in our business team (and who also happens to be vegan), to pick out her top nine cruelty free and Fairtrade products.

Amy says ‘I was pleased to find just how many vegan Fairtrade products there are available. And on this search, it was interesting to find that many things I thought were vegan, may, in fact not be (wine, I’m looking at you).’ Find out what else she chose just click below.


Has Amy missed off one of your vegan and Fairtrade favourites? Hit reply and let us know.

Happy munching!


Who picked my tea? Who made my clothes? Who sewed my football?

We have so much made from people around the world. Fair trade
seeks to make sure they are paid a fair wage and the large companies
are accountable.

So many goods can be bought with a fair trade mark.


Buying Fairtrade is easy. There are over 4,500 Fairtrade products from coffee and tea to
flowers and gold, so when you shop, look for the FAIRTRADE Mark.

Come and see a wonderful large range of many of the producers products at a great annual sale event.

A fantastic array of fairtrade goods is available for you to browse and purchase at

Bonnyton Farm, Pitmedden.
Open House 7th to 11th
November 10am-10pm.

Why you should be drinking Fairtrade wine and where to find it

Have you heard the story of our Fairtrade wine from Lebanon? Learn more about how Fairtrade grapes have transformed the region of North Bekaa from illicit poppy and cannabis production to a safe and flourishing industry for local farmers


FAIRTRADE FORTNIGHT – Almost time to ‘Come on in’ to Fairtrade

Fairtrade Foundation Latest News
It’s almost time to ‘Come on in’ to Fairtrade… it’s less than a week until Fairtrade Fortnight 2018, our biggest campaign of the year.

Around the world, millions of poor farmers and workers are fighting for a fair deal. Supported by Fairtrade, they’re closing the door on exploitation, earning their way out of poverty and transforming their communities. And it’s all down to supporters like you choosing Fairtrade products every time you shop.

As a thank you we thought you’d like to be the first to hear about some of the special offers happening over the two weeks. What better time to treat yourself or try something new?

Waitrose have a range of offers on Fairtrade products in-store and online. And look out for a range of in-store tasting events across the country.

Find a whopping 20% off Fairtrade brands like Divine Chocolate, Tropical Wholefoods and Zaytoun in-store and online.

M&S are offering Buy 1 Get 1 Half Price on selected Fairtrade tea & coffee in-store.

Esquires Coffee are offering 100 £5 loyalty cards to Fairtrade supporters. info

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